Property Purchase and Sale


Buying a home could potentially be one of the biggest purchases of your life. At Peterkins, we think it is of upmost importance that our new and existing clients have a clear understanding on the process of purchasing a property and get the best possible service. There are various aspects which should be considered and we can assist through every step of the way, whether you are a first-time buyer, an experienced buyer, or exploring buy to let opportunities.

If you need a mortgage to purchase the property you can speak to our independent mortgage advisors. They will secure you a mortgage product which best suits your needs. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to arrange a specific type of Buy to Let mortgage.

Note an interest

When you find a property that you like, one of our dedicated solicitors will note an interest in the property on your behalf. Your solicitor will also keep you notified of any developments with the property. If no other interests are noted, Peterkins will take the chance to start negotiating on your behalf. Your appointed solicitor can obtain a copy of the Home Report for you. In some instances, lenders may require an additional survey or valuation to be carried out, so the offer can be submitted on a “subject to survey” basis. If there have been two or more noted interests from other solicitors, then it is likely a closing date may be set.

Preparing and making a formal offer

Your solicitor will negotiate the price on your behalf and provide you with up-to-date advice on the local market. They will submit the formal written offer on your behalf. The main aspects a seller will consider are price and date of entry, however other factors will be taken into account, such as what will be left in the property. Your solicitor will be able to guide you through all the stages of the process. In Scotland, property must be purchased and sold in writing. The Offer and Acceptance may initially be done verbally, however it does not confirm anything unless followed by a legally binding written contract from your solicitor promptly afterwards. It is not until your offer has been accepted by the seller and the missives have been concluded that a binding contract is in force between both parties.

Carrying out the conveyancing

Conveyancing is the thorough process which is carried out to transfer home ownership from the seller to the buyer and several different stages are involved.

Missives refer to the exchange of formal letters between the buyer and the seller’s solicitors which are taken together to form a contract in connection with a property. It will include the terms and conditions of the transfer of ownership from one person to another. Usually there will be some qualifications before the contract becomes binding.

After missives are concluded the title deeds for the property need to be examined. These are paper documents which serve as evidence of ownership. Peterkins will ensure the title you are offered is acceptable. All title deeds are registered with the Land Register in Edinburgh. The disposition is the title deed signed by the seller which transfers ownership of the property to you.

A Standard Security will be required where you require a mortgage to purchase the property. It will be prepared by your solicitor and signed by you. This is the legal document which entitles your lender to re-possess your home should you default on mortgage payments.

Completing the purchase

Settlement takes place on the date of entry. The deeds are delivered to your solicitor, the purchase price is paid to the selling solicitor and you will receive the keys to your new home. Peterkins will deal with the registration requirements as well as LBTT payment.

Other vital considerations

It is important to have your property and its’ contents insured. We can take care of this for you at Peterkins.

It is highly recommended that you make a Will or a revision of your existing Will once you have purchased a property.

For a more comprehensive overview of the process please read or download our Purchase Guide.


Peterkins have remained key players in the North-East property market for over 100 years and are therefore well equipped to assist with the sale of your home or property. We aim to make the process as streamlined and straightforward as possible with our knowledgeable property professionals giving you the support required along the way. We have a solid understanding of current market conditions and will help you attract more buyers through our effective traditional and modern digital marketing strategies. We aim to provide you with the best possible service throughout the process.

Property Valuation

As part of the Peterkins service, we offer a free pre-sale, no obligation market appraisal of your property. We assess the property and give you an idea of the market value, based on our expertise of current market conditions coupled with our knowledge of sales performance.

Preparing your Property for Sale

After the market appraisal, we will prepare an estimate of costs which you are likely to incur in connection with your proposed sale.

Should you opt to sell your property with Peterkins, we’ll immediately assign you with a dedicated sales advisor and solicitor, who will be readily available to provide you with updates and answer any queries.

It is important to prepare your property for viewers and ensure it appeals to potential buyers. We can give you advice on presentation of your property, so it looks slick, clean and eye-catching.

We also strongly encourage you to have professional photographs taken. We will arrange this for you. High quality photographs will capture your property in the best possible way and will be beneficial for marketing your property online and for your brochure.

Marketing your Property

We engage in several marketing techniques which set us apart from competitors, giving your property maximum exposure to potential buyers and the best opportunity of achieving a sale. This is how we do it:

  • We can promote your property in our window and wall displays, catching the eye of all passers-by in the heart of the city centre, as well as our branch network of Aberdeenshire offices. You’ll also receive a For Sale poster or board for your property, so members of the public can immediately see your property is available on the market.
  • Property Schedule of Particulars and Brochures. We have various styles available to suit your preferences and buyers will be able to access these brochures online or from our offices.
  • Our purchaser database which is frequently updated with details of potential purchasers in the area. The Schedule of Particulars for your property will be sent directly to any that match the relevant criteria.
  • We are members of the Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (ASPC), an exceptionally effective marketing tool and vital for your property. Over 90% of all property sold in the North-East is advertised through ASPC. Therefore, it is an absolute must for your property. ASPC advertise on their website, phone app, and Property Centre on Chapel Street, Aberdeen.
  • Peterkins have a strong online reach, through both our website and use of social media sites Facebook and Twitter.
  • We can offer newspaper advertising rates in local and national publications at reduced rates should you wish to discuss these options.


Like we described in the Property Purchase section, conveyancing must be carried out for all sales and purchases on property in Scotland. In the instance of a property sale, the process will involve transferring the title to your property from the seller (you) to the purchaser. A considerable number of communications between Peterkins (the selling solicitor) and the purchasing solicitor will take place to complete the process.

Peterkins will handle all the contractual and conveyancing matters for your sale. Initially you will receive a note or notes of interest in your property from prospective purchasers. Offers will then be received which you will be permitted to accept, reject or negotiate on. We will provide you with expert advice in relation to any offers received and then accept, reject or negotiate the offer on your behalf. When an acceptable written offer has been received we will write a qualified written acceptance on your behalf. The aim is then to conclude missives (the contract for the sale of the property). The sale only becomes legally binding on both parties when the missives (the contract) have been concluded.

We will then send the title deeds for your property to the Purchasers Agent which they will examine in detail to see the title being offered is acceptable. The Disposition is signed by you as the seller which transfers ownership of the property to the buyer.

If you still have an existing mortgage on your home, or wish to remortgage, get in touch with our Financial Services Department to receive expert mortgage advice.